Running To A Brighter Future

The RunRoseRun mission is to help raise support and awareness for at-risk youth across the nation in the hope they run toward a brighter future.

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RunRoseRun is a one-time running event conceived by Rose McCarty, an accomplished business executive and difference-making leader. She is now looking to make a difference by raising support and awareness for at-risk youth across the nation in the hope they run toward a brighter future.
An avid runner, Rose plans to do a city tour across the U.S. Along the way, she will stop in 15 dedicated city locations to then run on average 100 miles per week, for a total of 1,000 miles over the course of two months.
2020 has been full of difficult circumstances for the average adult, but at-risk youth have been dealt even tougher obstacles. They face food insecurities, closed schools and unstable homes, as well as cancelled afterschool and athletic activities which limit their ability to play and exercise. These youth are shouldering an unprecedented burden, and our mission is to join in the fight to support and ensure that healthy and happy environments remain accessible. Every ounce of support that can be generated from RunRoseRun is meaningful to the at-risk kids of the nation, and it’s up to all of us to try and make a difference. All it takes is one donation, one opportunity or one person to create positive change for a child who may be lost and trying to find their way to a better life – and that’s what this run is all about.
All proceeds will be split evenly to directly benefit Covenant House and Good Sports, two outstanding non-profit organizations that focus on at-risk youth and were forced to cancel their 2020 fundraising events due to COVID-19. Covenant House provides shelter, food, clothes, counseling and more to at-risk youth. Their mission is one of compassion and action to educate the public about the very real struggles that face underserved youth, and to offer support to those that need it the most. Good Sports believes in the power of teamwork and sports to inspire and provide an outlet for every child, and has donated $57 million dollars of new sporting gear to give more than seven million kids access to participate in sports they otherwise would not be able to.
For many of these youth, the ability to go to school and be active can provide a safe haven for them and helps give them the opportunity to be healthy in mind, body and community. As a result of the pandemic, these children no longer have access to many outlets that would otherwise offer an escape from the environments and conditions they are living in.
By donating and getting active on our Strava Club we can help raise awareness for these youth, and these two amazing organizations that support them. We as a nation can be active, healthy and make a difference TOGETHER for these at-risk youth – even though we may be apart.

The Charities

The Run

An avid runner, Rose begins her city tour across the U.S. starting July 10th. Along the way, she will stop in 15 dedicated city locations to then will run on average 100 miles per week, for a total of more than 1,000 miles over the course of two months finishing her journey in the state of Washington on September 3rd. Locations are subject to change in observance of COVID-19. Please continue to check the website for the most up-to-date information on Rose’s progress.

City Tour Schedule

San Antonio
Salt Lake City
Las Vegas
San Diego
California Coast/HWY 1

How to get involved:

  • Donate onlinePledge financial support using the official RunRoseRun Go Fund Me account here.
  • JOIN the RunRoseRun Strava Club to contribute to the 100,000 mile nationwide goal! Any athletic activity counts! Run, walk, swim, or bike to help raise awareness for the challenges faced by at-risk youth.
  • Spread the word – Follow Us on Social Media! Share your athletic journey with your family and friends! Post on social media, share a sweaty selfie and let everyone know about a new personal best! #RunRoseRun #covenanthouse #goodsportsinc #KidsWhoPlayDoBetter #RESTOREPLAY

Rose's Story

As a recognized business executive, Rose McCarty has a strong reputation for leading business growth and improving local communities. Her work has been recognized with Texas Diversity Magazine’s Houston Power 50 Award and Houston’s Business Journal People on the Move. She has been in demand for her thought leadership – speaking at the New York Stock Exchange, serving as a keynote speaker at IQPC Exchange’s Market Research and Consumer Insights conference and being featured on Advocate Communications’ podcast. She also graduated summa cum laude while being honored with Johnson & Wales University’s prestigious Founders Award.

But life didn’t come easy to Rose. Growing up, she was in an environment not unlike many of the millions of struggling youth of the nation – subject to abuse, neglect, and being told she’d never amount to anything in life.

Today, her own life experiences fuel her passion to raise support and awareness for at-risk youth. She wants to inspire others and give them hope that they too can make it through to brighter days. It’s her mission to ensure at-risk youth know help is available, that they are not alone, and they can truly become the person they were always destined to be.

And it all can start with just a single step.

Meet the Team

For RunRoseRun to be a success, it takes a team of outstanding, dedicated people from different backgrounds coming together to do great things.

Michael McCarty

Support lead

Michael is in charge of team support and most importantly supporting Rose on and off the paved path. He shares Rose’s passion for supporting at-risk youth and feels privileged to support any way he can. Michael is currently on year 21 of an Air Force career that has allowed him to see the world. He loves anything active and spending time with his dogs.

Michael D. Pargas

Logistics Engineer

Michael D. Pargas: Michael is a network engineer by trade and proud DePaul University graduate. He is responsible for the logistics for the RunRoseRun city tour and will be present on the road. When he first heard about the concept, he was moved and joined to make a positive impact for at-risk kids. In his free time, he loves to travel the world or doing anything with family or friends.

Fergus O'Kane

Travel Director

Fergus has a strong background in the hospitality industry and is responsible for the RunRoseRun city tour operations. He believes strongly in making things better for at-risk youth and finds it to be a cause extremely easy to get behind. Fergus is proud to be of Irish decent. If you don’t believe us, just ask him.

Lloyd Owens

Creative Director

Lloyd is a graphic designer turned UI/UX Developer. He uses his digital design and website building capabilities on the RunRoseRun website to create a place for information for all. When not busy with one of his many professional projects, he can be found spending hours on YouTube University learning or in the kitchen trying his hand at new recipes.

David Onufer

Communications Director

David is a strategic communications professional with experience in the energy, real estate and retail industries and puts his skills to good use with RunRoseRun. As a husband and father to three boys, he believes it is important to help at-risk youth overcome the long-term challenges they face. Earlier in his career, he was a long-time radio personality and professional smart-aleck.

Kara McCarty

Program & Risk Director

Kara started her professional career working with foster care and at-risk youth in the Midwest and East Coast. Volunteerism and giving back to the community have been guiding principles throughout her life and fueled her interest in being part of RunRoseRun. Even in her free time she serves others, playing an active role in her son's PTA and school district. Plus, she loves cooking and photography, although not usually at the same time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Rose running for at-risk youth?

To answer that, you need to know a bit more about Rose herself. Growing up, Rose’s upbringing was similar to those of many of today’s at-risk kids. She was in an environment wrought with abuse, neglect, and abandonment which ultimately led to Rose running away and eventually becoming homeless for a short time. With the help and support of key people in her life, Rose was able to overcome her troubled past and grew into a highly effective and decorated leader and executive.

Growing up with so much uncertainty, the only real constant in Rose’s life was running. From an early age, Rose used competitive running as a way to cope with her circumstances at home and soon became a strong track & field athlete. This personal passion of self-improvement, competition and sense of freedom is one that she wants to not only share with others, but to also use to help make a difference for other kids that may be in similar circumstances.

But this run isn’t about Rose – it’s about the kids that may not have a voice and are struggling to find their path in life. She wants to prove that running doesn’t have to be away from a problem or environment, but towards a future full of true happiness and success. If nothing else, she wants to let these kids know there is hope and brighter days ahead.

Rose will be the first to tell you, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s what you do with your potential that truly matters.

Why is now the right time for RunRoseRun, with everything going on in the world?

During this pandemic, Rose began realizing the impact that was taking place on our at-risk youth who are already suffering. It made her realize she wanted to make a difference and show that together as a nation we care, even though we may be physically apart. Over 75% of adolescents in Covenant House work programs have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19. It is predicted that there will be more than a 40% increase in the homeless population as a result of the economic impact from this pandemic. These two amazing organizations, Covenant House and Good Sports, have lost millions of dollars this year due to cancellations of fundraising to ensure our at-risk youth have food, shelter, counseling, community, and sports to help them in every facet of their lives.

Rose is taking every precaution to ensure that she is adhering to all safety protocols throughout this charity run.

What are you doing to maintain safe social distancing?

The RunRoseRun team is taking every precaution to ensure that they are adhering to all safety protocols throughout this charity run. Safety comes first. We strongly support and will follow the most up-to-date CDC guidelines on the handling of COVID-19. Rose will be running these 1,000 miles on her own and ask that you join the run virtually through RunRoseRun Strava Club.

Why did you choose to partner with these charitable organizations?

All donations from RunRoseRun go directly to Covenant House and Good Sports, two exceptional, youth-focused non-profit organizations.

Millions of kids suffer on the streets every day. For more than 40 years, Covenant House has sheltered and cared for these young people – now standing as a powerful human rights movement for homeless and trafficked youth in 31 cities across 6 countries.

Good Sports provide social, physical and overall well-being for youth, but the costs may be prohibitive for many families. Good Sports makes sure the costs don’t keep a kid on the sidelines. To-date, Good Sports has provided youth organizations with $57 million in necessary gear and equipment, enabling seven million underserved youth the opportunity to play, compete and grow into the people they always were meant to be – regardless of their background or circumstance.

Why are you only visiting locations in the western part of the U.S.?

As we began mapping our run route in the Spring of 2020, we had to consider the state and local guidelines related to COVID-19. While we will not physically be everywhere, we will be running for all at-risk youth supported by the charitable organizations we are supporting.

How can people get involved and support RunRoseRun? has a variety of ways people can support the effort, including participating in a club run via Strava, contributing to the Go Fund Me, donating directly to the run as a sponsor, volunteering or showing support on social media.